Labirion + Coventry University

Italian theatre troupe Labirion will collaborate with Coventry University and IMPL immersive technology experts to develop novel theatre projection mapping technology using the university’s new Delia Derbyshire immersive design building for their upcoming debut of Cuspidi for the Venice Biennale 2023.

Coventry University + Venice Biennale

A ground-breaking artistic theatre residency with Italian performance artists Labirion


April 2023

Cusps of Light: Excerpts of a Work in Progress

8:30-8:45pm Doors Open

8:45-10pm Show

Ellen Terry (Dance Studio), Coventry University, 34-35 Jordan Wl, Coventry CV1 5RW


April 2023

Workshop: Echoes and Traces


Ellen Terry (Dance Studio), Coventry University, 34-35 Jordan Wl, Coventry CV1 5RW


April 2023

Workshop: The Merged Actor


Ellen Terry (Dance Studio), Coventry University, 34-35 Jordan Wl, Coventry CV1 5RW


Call for Participants

Looking for Midlands actors and improvisers to test digital tools for online performance!

What: Researchers from the Improvisational Media & Performance lab are looking for performers to participate in a study on rehearsing and performing improvisational theatre with remote partners. Selected participants will be invited to an online 45-minute workshop, where they will receive professional training in the use of various digital technologies and then perform a series of short improvised scenes with different remote partners.

Selection Criteria: We are looking for actors and improvisers of all experience levels above the age of 18 who have access to a computer/laptop, a stable internet connection and a quiet well lit space.

Compensation: Participants will receive expert training in the use of various digital tools for performing online as well as exclusive access to a custom video conferencing tool for performing online that is in Beta. Light refreshments will be provided during each workshop. 


Dates: The workshops will run during the following dates. Participants will only need to register for one workshop session:

  • July 30 10 am
  • July 30 11:30 am
  • July 30 1pm
  • July 30 2:30pm
  • July 30 4pm
  • July 30 5:15pm
  • July 30 6:30pm

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What: Researchers from the University of Kent are conducting a study of digital tools for online performance. Selected participants will rehearse and perform two separate 30 minute longform improv shows for an online audience using various digital tools provided by the study. The study will take place over two weeks and involve two 90 minute training sessions with a specialist, followed by two 30 minute improvised performances. Participants will rehearse and perform remotely, broadcasting from home. Performances will be streamed live for an invited audience.

Selection Criteria: We are looking for European based improv duo teams who have been performing together for one year or longer. Duo teams should be comfortable performing in English. Participants will ideally have access to a computer with at least a 13” display, a webcam , microphone, and high speed internet connection. Participants with access to greenscreen are preferred but not required. Team members must be over the age of 18.

Compensation: Participants will each receive a high definition copy of their performances. Participants will also receive specialized training in a new kind of real-time cinematic performance experience and be guided on how they can collaborate more effectively during social isolation.

Dates: The study will run in two week sessions between May 18th- June 18th

Registration: To register your interest in the study please follow the link below to fill out a short survey. A researcher will be contact with you within 48 hours to discuss participation. For general questions about the study you can get in touch by contacting us through this website.