The Lab

Training and experimentation in improvisational techniques for enhancing human connection.

Our mission is to explore new digital technologies in the context of science communication, entertainment and the performing arts with an eye toward development of open source platforms, practices, and non-profit tools and applications for the public.

We provide improvisational training for STEM professionals and students to build community, develop leadership skills, and effectively communicate.

Our services include on site training internationally for STEM based organizations as well as providing space and resources at the University of Kent for scientists, artists, and engineers to work together improvisationally to create new hybrid experiences.

Our clients include:

Engineering Community 

Ideal for the beginning of professional conferences or large group training intensives, this workshop functions as a communication laboratory in which scientists utilize improvisation tools and game theory to develop robust and sustainable professional communities through networking. Participants will learn improvisation forms together in a fun and fast-paced environment that empowers individuals in a large professional conference setting to make meaningful connections with potential collaborators, mentors, partners, and stakeholders of their research interests. 

Improvisation for Leadership 

This workshop trains future leaders to utilize performance and improvisation tools to develop personal, dynamic, data driven techniques to build consensus, encourage excellence in teammates, and make outcome independent requests of stakeholders. Participants will practice proven improvisation forms together in a fun and fast-paced environment that empowers individuals in leadership positions to flexibly adapt to unpredictable situations. These techniques and forms are applied to leadership and critical communication scenarios drawn from participants’ experiences and rehearsed through theatrical improvisations.

Dynamic Public Speaking  

This workshop uses improvisation-focused public speaking practices to help participants develop meaningful dynamic relationships with audiences. By the end of the session, participants will have crafted and performed short (five-minute) presentations of their research. By focusing on interpersonal relationships and learning how to read audience reactions, participants will understand how to better utilize their natural communicating abilities to adapt to the needs of their particular research stakeholders.